Atlas Decay Official EPK


Several founding members of Scene Stage The World have collaborated with the original drummer of What Great Fangs to bring to you an entirely new project known as Atlas Decay.

After facing a bit of an identity crisis in terms of sound and image, SSTW opted to embrace the heavier style that was brought on by the addition of the Fangs' former timekeeper and their vocalist’s ability to seamlessly transition between singing and screaming.

These four musicians have now been united long enough to write and record their best collection of material to date. They are bringing it to you under a new name with a clear and concise sense of direction. The band name “Atlas Decay” can have several meanings depending on one’s interpretation. One such potential meaning is that of the Greek Titan, Atlas, who was said to hold the earth upon his shoulders. In this context, the once-mighty Titan is decaying and struggling to hold the weight of the world as the result of mankind’s exploitation of the planet and its resources. Another way to look at the name is in the form of an actual, physical atlas that is deteriorating due to the aforementioned reasoning. This viewpoint is an ironic one, however, as an atlas in this sense is manmade. Thus, the world as we know it and have drawn and labeled it to be is slowly fading. In essence, the planet itself and the atlas we’ve arrogantly created to represent our idea of it are both dying.



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